My name is Argenis Apolinario. I am a Bronx native and NYC based photographer. My parents are from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. I attended LaGuardia H.S. and studied Fine Arts at the Cooper Union School of Art. Creatively my practice started out in drawing and painting but in college I became more interested in photography. The common thread for me was always a pursuit and better understanding of light, color, identity and psychology. Since then, I’ve used my creative and personal experiences in my photographic craft where I document a variety of subject matter from portraiture, performance, working with cultural and educational spaces. I’m often interested subtle expressions and gestures, as a sort of psychological study of a subject/community, as a reflection of my own quiet introspections. My style is rooted in my early interest in Painting and drawing and psychology, and can be best described as a journalistic approach. I am 2021 EnFoco Fellow. As of 2021 I am also an Advisory Board Member of NYC Outward Bound Schools